performative disruptions - part 1

well, after the hoohah surrounding a fellow south asian (who is not - not yet - an engineer or doctor, tho she was perpetuating the dominant south asian narrative), i was intrigued to see another image of the creative south asian kid/adolescent emerge in the news, albeit under the frame of bollywood. still, this kid's voice is cute, if a bit coached.

Film director, 10, calls the shots
be sure to click on the audio link

he does note, however, at the end of his interview with the bbc that he wants to pursue his goal of becoming a 3D graphics engineer when he gets older (20 or 25)...

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MS said...

I like how this kid is all into learning camera angles. Talk about an out-of-school educational experience. I also like him because he does not have a college consultant, nor, as far as I can tell, does he have a photographic memory.