don't be a multislacking bluetool

i'm not usually a fan of "adults" trying to decode "kidspeak," but this clip held some fun gems. and if you disagree, then you're just agnorant.

teen talk

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oronde ash said...

I hope this site has something to do with Dr. David Wall Rice. I came across a post about a discussion he began at Morehouse a while back on the state of young Black males in America. Reading Dr. Hall's profile and interests, I recognized that I have to talk to this man. The only email I've found was through earthlink and that got sent back to me.

Dr. Rice:
My name is Oronde Ash. I am a college graduate, a teacher, former college coach, now concerned parent. I can no longer stand idly by and watch my brother fall. I will not. Young folks need to hear. I am their past, I am their future, I am all that goes unspoken and unheard within them. I refuse to stay quiet. I refuse to be stopped. I have something to say that must be heard.

I've been trying to get the message out. In my own way, I've preached hard work, dedication, commitment to excellence, on the field of play. Time to reiterate those lessons to the daily bread. Life is my field now. I want to talk to the young folks about life and what it means to be a decent human being today.

I've sent my first salvos into the universe at http://youtube.com/user/bygINCpresents. Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmxfzHXpYpg and listen to "Me and James Baldwin: Down on the Cross." After listening, let me know when and where the message can be of service.

I know you are a busy, so take your time. But listen, please. You will find value in the message.

You may reply to bygpowis@hotmail.com.

Thank you.