trolling the web... a text rendering of cme09 haps.

i've been reading posts and tweets from members of this fall's culture, media, and ed class and thought i'd do a virtual text rendering - a collection of phrases that stood out to me, in no particular order:

But what about the stereotyping?
the therapy of production is part of the intangible value that comes out of that work/process of creation
I also want to spend a moment defending teachers
this wondering just led me to go to twitter ... and be met with my school's filter/firewall.
I think I’m in between phase I “Honeymoon” and phase 2 “What am I doing?”
Globalization is irreversible and nobody is in charge of it.
Abt ten min into watching the video, The Day My God Died, a mascara commercial popped up
Holy Twitter Batman! Kanye went there!?!
connected/disconnected, isolated/related, and openheartedness/a bunch of lies
structured through styles and voice long forgotten
Suddenly, I began to miss Nankai...
Who says texting has to be the enemy of the 21st century teacher?
how young people who have no role models in their lives use figures in the media as role models
loooved fam guy. cleveland show... not so much
Crowd Sourcing: Internet as democratizer or impersonator.
Now I know why IronChef can run right after knowing the secret ingredient
i need a hug.

good stuff happening in cme this semester.  makes me think more about the collective work we're trying to do, especially with this year's focus on social issue media.  in other words, what stories are we trying to tell?  who are we storying with? who are we storying for? and about?