decoding college application process

interesting to think about what is said, and not said in this Today Show segment about deciphering the college application process. maybe i've been doing too much "hidden curriculum" reading, but i'm thinking about how this process is mediated so differently across the wide range of schools, not to mention kids who are home schooled. i was the first in my family to go to college in the US and i did a lot of the deciphering for myself, although i vaguely remember my guidance counselor being generally supportive. it helped, i think, that she was able to build on the voracious way in which i approached the process. (if only i could get that organizational zeal back now...!) but how to scaffold the process before the college application?

and, what is missing from these decoding tips?


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Eric said...

I'm glad i ran into this. I'm going to check out the website the woman mentioned that lists colleges that don't require SAT or ACT's.

-Eric F.