l'il help

seems like so much of my references are tv-based... and finally i get to use the vast history of television viewing: i'm teaching a course on television and youth and would *love* any and all suggestions for texts - articles, books, dvds, sites, etc. - to use.

a million thanks!!



Anya said...

This is an exciting course!!!! I have been thinking about what I would use...

is a great article about using the simpsons;

there's a book called television to die for, about 6 feet under, there's lots of stuff about sex and the city (see feminist media studies journal)

theres a heap of articles at this site:

including lots on reality tv

um... wow this is a BIG topic... *grin*

there's heaps of stuff about on action chicks, particularly Buffy

there's audience studies

sorry i am thinking you might need to brainstorm a few topics to help your readers help you better :>

Joolz said...

You could try David Buckinham's Smal Screens (2002) Continuum;