"the lost generation"???

apparently, according to a preacher that my friend marc watched on tv recently, "Kids growing up today don't care about nothin' and nobody" and goes on to say that "All they want to do is party and have fun."

read marc's response, titled I Bling Because I'm Happy, part of the series, The Barbershop Notebooks.


Marc Lamont Hill said...

thanks for posting my piece. you won't believe the e-mails i've been getting!!
check this one:

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Subject: But You are the Hater

Greetings Marc Lamont:

I also heard that sermon preached by the Bishop over a month ago, if you had taken the time to listen to the message at length or ordered a copy of the tape before you wrote this ignorant column. Not to mention doing your research on his ministry you would not sound so ridiculous in what you are trying convey.

True, Bishop Jakes and Creflo Dollar have multimillion dollar corporate ministries and businesses They are giving back to the community. Drug rehab centers, feeding the homeless and finding them permanent homes, prison ministry to assist newly released inmates coming out to rebuild and regain status in the community through transition. Not to mention power. Bishop Eddie Long said recently he and others are in negotiations trying to purchase Atlanta Georgia to begin new type of urban development and open it up for many blacks to gain opportunity to have mass wealth. Beyond bouncing a ball or being able to run one down the field, or stand in front of a camera to become the best actor/actress. Dreaming about becoming the next JAYz or PDiddy. My suggestion is that the next time you get your shorts in a knot about Bishop and other's like him you do some major research on the ministry as a whole. They are building homes for low income families who had no hope of even purchasing a home.

What is 50 cent doing for the black community? JayZ sells his high priced clothing items and oh yeah Beyounce bounces and gives lap dances to teach our young women that in order to make money in the entertainment business you must possess long hair and a big booty. Give me a break. Check yourself before you wreck yourself young man. And remember this JESUS loves you too. Thank GOD we have some people willing to be positive role models for black people. Bishop Jakes came off welfare raised his family up by preaching a positive message of hope and faced racism and plenty of opposition in the process. GOD blesses the child that got his own, in this case HE EARNED IT THE OLD FASHIONED WAY. One Step at a time, one day at a time. Dig That! I invite you to check the brother out in depth he has many hip hop artist signed under his label they just rappin about GOD not about who they doin or how much trouble it is in the black community. What he did say is that the hip hop generation always rapping about what going on in the world when half of them have never traveled outside of the United States. They only can relate to where they been without any clue about "the world" outside of the ghetto. It's worse ghetto life in the Sudan and places like Iraq. Palestine, South America where minimum wage is under a buck. I bet you have a college degree too, but no spirituality at all. Grow up Mr. Hill and be a true journalist you do a disservice to your readers by not stating the facts from both sides. I love the hip hop generation and a lot of them know more than you about the Bishop and his colleagues and what they are trying to accomplish among a hopeless society of black people that only dream of a NFL, NBA, or Music Contract in order to get a house for their mom and a sporty car oh yeah and a nice watch and some Sean Jean gear. Wake up.

We are losing our young people to the streets, and Aids due to the miseducation of Negro's like yourself, oops excuse me I mean Black people like me, or are you African American?
I'm black and I keep it real. Instead of hating on the brother's you need to write and ask what can you do to blend the two communities together in a unified way. He reaches out to everybody not just Christians. Drug Addicts, Murderers, Gays, everybody who needs help. Bishop Jakes is A OK. Do your research my Man.

WDC - formerly known as Chocolate City

jay said...

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