eric garland is talking now about diy video distribution. he defines diy video as video that is:
user created
user appropriated
user distributed

he is affiliated with bigchampagne, a media measurement company. as they write on their website: "In short, we collect information about how and where people enjoy popular music, movies and other stuff, and then we analyze the information to tell you what titles are most popular, who's interested, and why."

there's a chart online that talks about the 53% growth of computers with bittorrent client installed between 5/2005 and 9/2007. in a nutshell, people are downloading a crapload of episodes of 'lost' and 'grey's anatomy' - you know who you are, so 'fess up!

regular users of diy distribution networks - at least 1x weekly - is up to 60 million people, nationwide.

continuing on the thread of how (some) videos spread virally, garland references the widely circulated yes we can video, which apparently had no actual distribution strategy outside of will.i.am sending it out to "a few people." having received the video in my email last week, i can attest to its virality. this takes 'six degrees' to a whole new level...

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