whilst david buckingham talks on the subject of video...

i'm sitting in the back row and have a lovely view of the backs of people's heads, and the faces of their laptop screens. just in front of me, a man is participating in the summit in second life while he physically sits in/at the summit in 'first' life. clikety clacks echo throughout the room, as buckingham is proffering an overview some key themes and perspectives related to video - which he suggests is a media form unlike any other, perhaps especially given it's amateurish potential? - and frames his current exploration of video camera usage.

db notes that he is moving "towards a social theory of technology, cultural practice – how do we understand the place of the amateur; creativity and learning – how technologies are used in social and historical settings." really: what’s happening here?

that's a curious question, but one that i like to go back to regardless of the topic. that is, quite simply, what's going on?