greetings from 24/7 diy video summit!

it's beautiful outside - a breezy 70 degrees. and i'm blogging from the 24/7 diy video summit at usc. lots of fun people here, including and beyond the invited speakers. michele knobel is sitting with me in the back row, and also in the room, korina jocson - one of our authors from the book (shameless plug), and stephanie schmier - a tc grad student whose dissertation is currently in progress and is going to be fabulous!

the first panel has just begun - i'll post more on that as the day progresses. in the meantime, here's some immediately relevant info for those who can't be here corporeally:

live streaming conference video: http://iml.usc.edu/diy/local

conference second life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/IML/60/128/52

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