5th annual hip-hop odyssey international film festival

Now accepting submissions

Festival dates:
November 24, 2006 – December 2, 2006

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As the largest Hip-Hop film festival in the world, the H2O [Hip-Hop Odyssey] International Film Festival provides a platform for filmmakers to showcase and define the variety of images that depict Hip-Hop culture and its communities.

This year’s theme “WHOSE WORLD IS THIS?” highlights the Hip-Hop community of the early/mid 90’s; a time when youth in the community began demanding money, power, and respect.

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The Hip-Hop Association, producers of the largest International Hip-Hop film festival in the world, will begin accepting submissions for its Fifth Annual Hip-Hop Odyssey (H2O) International Film Festival (H2O IFF) taking place from November 28, 2006 – December 8, 2006 in New York. Submissions will be accepted starting April 1, 2006.

5,000 festival-goers, screening over 75 films supported the 2005 festival in just 6 days. “In our fifth year we’re celebrating the Golden Years, where the 90’s Hip-Hop art, rebellion, business, unity and conscious soul movements soared to the next level. It was a great time of diversity; different hoods, musical sounds and struggles were all being represented. At the same time people were uniting and demanding more, all for the love of Hip-Hop. We’re celebrating that spirit… expect an amazing year,” says Rolando Brown, Executive Director of the Hip-Hop Association.

Taking place from November 28, 2006 – December 8, 2006 in New York, USA, this year’s theme “Whose World Is This?” highlights the Hip-Hop community of the early/mid 90’s; a time when youth in the community began stepping up and demanding money, power, and respect. In 2006, accepted films will be competing for a variety of awards, including cash awards, opportunities for distribution deals—DVD, broadcast, and web streaming—as well as inclusion in hundreds of community screenings and events.

H2O IFF showcases films that include one of the elements of Hip-Hop culture in the films theme, story or subject matter, i.e. Breaking (B-Boy/Girl), DJ'ing, MC'ing, Graffiti/Aerosol Artistry, Beatbox'ing, Knowledge, Culture, and Overstanding. Films categorized as "Under the influence" need only depict content that is relevant to the overall culture and may contain, but are not limited to, a focus on fashion, music, language, location, theme and/or characters influenced by Hip-Hop culture. All genres welcome: Documentary, Narrative, Experimental, Animation, PSA (Public Service Announcements), Freestyle/Experimental, Music Video, Trailer, and Youth Media.

“We use media as a tool for empowerment, education and social awareness within the Hip-Hop community, so open up your boxes, and let’s get to work!,” says Stacey L’Air Lee, Director of the H2O [Hip-Hop Odyssey] media initiative.

Until then, filmmakers can take advantage of two weeks of discounted early submissions from March 15, 2006 to March 31, 2006. Regular submission deadline is June 31, 2006. For more information, and a downloadable submission application visit http://www.h2oiff.org.

About the Hip-Hop Odyssey (H2O) Media Initiative

Social Awareness Through Media! The H2O [Hip-Hop Odyssey] is the media initiative of the Hip-Hop Association. With programming like the H2O [Hip-Hop Odyssey] International Film Festival, the Freshest Youth Program, the Odyssey Awards, and the Defuse Media Lab, its mission is to create cultural sustainability & industry longevity by supporting the use of Hip-Hop culture as a tool for social awareness & youth empowerment. The initiative also includes the acquisition of media properties that the H2O directors, staff, and advisory board believe will support this mission. Defuse News is one such media property. For more information please visit

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