blogging drawback

so today i learned at least one potential drawback of blogging:
sounding like a repetitive schlub to people who read my blogthoughts.

the upshot: people are reading this stuff
the scary thing: people are reading this stuff

also, i came across this site in my random blog searching i've taken to doing these days (love google blog search...):
edu.blog.com - i think this link is to a section on digital video animation and the descriptor for the blog reads: "Ewan McIntosh shows how blogs and podcasts aren't just a gimmick: they can be used to provide powerful learning in Scottish schools."

blog on!

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Ewan McIntosh said...

Thanks for the link through. When you blog you can be repeating what someone else has been saying for a long time, sure. But on the other hand, some of the things I have thought patently obvious have, in fact, added something new to the arena and started off discussions.

No-one ever says anything original per se, but blogging's about building on what others have said and hopefully coming up with something better.