what the... oh, it's the government at work...

according to reuters:
FCC hits TV stations for indecent shows

the same story's headline on the fcc site:
FCC Releases Orders Resolving Numerous Broadcast Television Indecency Complaints.

so the fcc's way of "clearing house" is to take pending "cases" and basically dole out fines like they were [insert good metaphor here - cuz we know i suck at metaphors...]

ok, first - who in the hell makes up the hundreds of thousands of people who write in the damn complaints when they are offended by an episode of "the surreal life" (obvious reason, notwithstanding) and where are the voices of opposition to the use of the "people's airwaves" during the precious hours of 6-10pm - when the "children" are watching - by our "elected" officials who spew, hurl, and vomit human atrocities at us? not sure if that sentence structure worked, but the point is about what gets tagged obscene and indecent and what gets a pass? and who decides? oh yeah, this guy.

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