from ABC Victoria (australia)

the article titled, "Hear my voice - Calls for change from the mouth of babes" shares news of young people from around the world attending and documenting the events associated with Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games.

from the article:
Nine youth reporters from Ghana, Pakistan and India are our eyes and ears at the games providing a fresh insight into how this extravagance is viewed by those that have so little.

They're aged 14-21 and will spend the next two weeks, camera in hand, experiencing the adventure of a lifetime as part of the media team for the 2006 Commonwealth games.


In their home countries Fatimata and Madassar play a very important role, raising awareness in their local communities to the dangers of AIDS, child abuse and the importance of free speech.

The media projects aim to challenge the mentalities and behaviour of the communities they live in and provide the future leaders of the nation a chance to be heard.

For now the children hunger for change, but they tell their stories in the hope one day they will only be seen as a record of the ways of the past.

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